FemLINKPACIFIC was established in September 2000 and is registered under the Charitable Trust Act in Fiji.

The overarching focus of FemLINKPACIFIC's range of community media initiatives is "women speaking to women for peace", a direct link with the women's peace initiatives during the May 2000 crisis, in particular the Blue Ribbon Peace Vigil, where FemLINKPACIFIC was "born".

The overarching development objective of our work is to address the imbalances caused by the traditional decision-making structures which impede women and young women's effective participation, especially from the rural population and the poor, to communicate openly on common matters.

By developing and implementing a range of women's media initiatives FemLINKPACIFIC continues to offer a "safe space" to articulate and exchange their viewpoints.

What started with a single suitcase radio kit that travelled across Fiji has now grown into a network of three stations; two more permanent, stationary points of broadcasts and a third roaming kit.

As a feminist media organization, FemLINKPACIFIC continues to place priority in providing women with information and in advocating and raising awareness on women, peace and human security issues. Documentation and publications that are produced by FemLINKPACIFIC are sourced from our rural and women’s networks including the interviews conducted by young women producer broadcasters and rural correspondents and conveners.

We continued to invest in our rural women’s media network which has correspondents strategically located in Nausori, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba, Tavua/Rakiraki and Labasa. To date, we have 30 recorders in the hands of young women around the Pacific, including the 23 spread across our network in Fiji.

The voices of women in their communities are channeled not only into our 24 hour station in Suva and weekday broadcasts in Labasa, but also inform multiple media initiatives ranging from video and other online content, the Community Radio Times publications as well as providing vital qualitative evidence for our Policy reports.

In addition to our media work, our reach extends through the co-convening of the Fiji Women's Forum and Fiji Young Women's Forum as well as working as part of international networks such as the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (of which we are the Pacific Regional Secretariat) and AMARC (the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters), WACC (the World Association of Christian Communications) – including our role as the regional coordinator of the Global Media Monitoring Project.