Reaffirming Women As First-Responders One Year After Winston

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, femLINKpacific Executive Producer-Director

The successive natural disasters that impacted the Fiji Islands in the first months of 2017 are a clear signal of the future – greater climate unpredictability, persistent droughts and stronger cyclones, resulting in more complex and frequent humanitarian emergencies. Increasingly, complex and frequent disasters are confronting an existing humanitarian system of response that is not properly prepared to cope.

What is required is more transformative, gender-inclusive agenda for humanitarian response which will ensure the rights and specific needs of women and girls in all their diversities affected by natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies are addressed in national plans, strategies and responses - including disaster risk reduction policies.

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Peace, Human Security and Development

Budget allocations must support gender inclusive, responsive, effective communications systems

femLINKpacific statement - 9th January, 2017

“The adoption and resourcing of the tsunami response plan and the draft National Humanitarian Policy must be in line with the commitments in the National Gender Policy (2014) to ensure women’s participation at all levels of disaster risk reduction, management and climate change,” said Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, femLINKpacific’s Executive Producer-Director.


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By Sian Rolls, with the femLINKpacific team

“In May 2004, as the (then) Coordinator of femLINKpacific, I witnessed a new reality – our first suitcase radio broadcast,” reflected Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, femLINKpacific’s Executive Producer-Director ahead of a month-long commemoration of World Radio Day on FemTALK89FM. “That broadcast hosted by student volunteers brought the diversity of Suva-based civil society together – human rights and disability activists, ecumenical groups and the Fiji Media Watch – they all became part of a monthly broadcast.”

femLINKpacific’s Divisional Consultations: Celebrating Resilience and Defining Economic Security

femLINKpacific statement – 6th February (2/2017)

In the lead up to the Commission on the Status of Women in March, femLINKpacific starts a series of divisional consultations ahead of a national convening with the focus, ‘Celebrating Resilience and Defining Economic Security’.

“This is an opportunity to meet as women leaders who participate in our monthly district level convenings, or belong to ally and partner organisations, to not just discuss development priorities but consider the priorities in the context of human security as well as disaster preparedness and response,” explained Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Executive Producer-Director of femLINKpacific. and

Radio with Pictures in the Field: February 2017

Central Division Consultation: Planning from the community level up

femLINKpacific statement – 7th February (3/2017)

“My issue is her safety with the rape and sexual abuse coming up,” said Chandra Fisiiahi, representing the Emerging Leaders Forum Alumni, as she gestured to her 16 month old daughter.

Speaking as femLINKpacific’s Central Division Consultation got underway, Fisiiahi was one of the 20 women leaders in all their diversities, representing more than 33,000 other women including rural women, young women, women living with disabilities and persons of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (SOGIE).

Communicating Women’s Human Security First (video)

Central Division Consultation: Preparedness strategies more vital than ever

femLINKpacific statement – 8th February (4/2017)

"Now is the time for gender and disability inclusive flood plans to ensure protection and human security especially food security," said Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, femLINKpacific’s Executive Producer-Director as femLINKpacific produces more Women’s Weather Watch updates from its network of rural women leaders in the western division once again affected by floods in Tavua, Rakiraki, Nadi, and Lautoka while also convening the first of its latest series of divisional consultations. “Given that the country is currently experiencing heavy rains and floods from TD09F, preparedness strategies are now more vital than ever. Now is the time for gender and disability inclusive flood plans to ensure protection and human security especially food security."

FemTALK: Team Tok with Tammara, Sian and Alisia en route to Labasa (video)

Women Leaders of the North Define the Development They Want

femLINKpacific statement – 21st February (6/2017)

“Women are seen as victims but they are the first responders to everything,” stated Mareta Tagivakatini of the Labasa Market Vendors Association. “They have to have a better understanding of where to take (the issues).”

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Women's Weather Watch: Preparedness, Participation and Protection


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Fiji Women’s Forum and Fiji Young Women’s Forum: A new wave of gender equality is rising in Fiji


By Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, femLINKpacific - 9th February, 2017


It is a renewed wave of collaboration building on the legacy of almost 100 years of women organising at all levels of Fijian society.


“There is strength in numbers and it means a wider representation when we organise and collaborate to enhance women’s political participation and representation,” says the General Secretary of the Soqosoqo Vakamarama iTaukei (SSVM), Adi Finau Tabaukacoro, one of the co-convenors of the Fiji Women’s Forum alongside the National Council of Women Fiji (NCWF), the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM) and femLINKpacific (femLINK).




Feminist Alliance for Rights: The Cultural Risks of Climate includes Pacific languages - Pefi Kingi


by Sharon Bhagwan Rolls


"Endangered Pacific languages can be likened to the threats and risks posed by climate changes that disproportionally affect the Pacific nations," said Pefi Kingi a member of the Feminist Alliance for Rights (FAR) Global Steering Committee who will be contributing to the UN High Commission of Human Rights event in Geneva (March 17)  ‘Language rights of linguistic minorities: a practical guide for implementation’, during the 34th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC).

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Beyond the 16 days of activism: New film unveils the inter-generational challenges of access to education

femLINKpacific statement – 9th February (5/2017)

A new film by femLINKpacific communicates resilience and persistent to ensure safe and accessible education for girls, especially in the wake of TC Winston.

Beyond Books and Bags: Make Education Safe For All

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