femLINKpacific First National Consultation for 2017 Begins

femLINKpacific statement – 6th March (7/2017)

femLINKpacific’s first National Women’s Human Security First: Women’s Weather Watch Consultation in 2017 will see the organisation once again bringing together a cadre of 40 rural women leaders from across the Northern, Western and Central Division.

“The national consultation is building on the successive series of consultations, at district, divisional and national level, which enable rural women to come together to develop strategies and recommendations aimed at informing the National Development Plan and next National Budget,” said Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Executive Producer-Director of femLINKpacific. “The consultation will also enhance the advocacy towards a more gender inclusive national disaster management strategies.”

“Inclusive preparedness, response and recovery requires the representation and recognition of their leadership, experiences and challenges of women in all their diversities; something that is vital to women as well as communities as the first months of 2017 are a clear signal of the future – greater climate unpredictability, such as frequent flooding, persistent droughts and stronger cyclones, resulting in more complex and frequent humanitarian emergencies.”

During the consultation, 32 of the participants will feature in the production of a new season of femLINKpacific’s television series ‘Radio with Pictures’ – a media collaboration with Fiji Television - which is providing a national media platform to enhance the visibility of rural women’s leadership, at a time when women remain under-represented in local governance structures.

“The consultation will culminate in an event is dedicated to the HEROWINS across Fiji who are represented by the rural women leaders attending our National Consultation at the Fiji Museum for International Women’s Day on the 8th of March,” continued Bhagwan Rolls. “In the spirit of feminist solidarity for International Women’s Day and ahead of the 61st session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61), we acknowledge women across Fiji as first-responders, as peacebuilders and as leaders – from their homes to farms and communities across Fiji, but particularly from rural and remote communities; women who bring creativity and innovation in community development and enterprise.”

“This event is our way to provide another platform, in the capital city to amplify ‘Women’s Human Security First’ and say ‘Here are the Women’!”


International Women’s Day



For International Women’s Day, femLINKpacific held an event at the Fiji Museum to celebrate women as leaders and launch the 4th Edition of HEROWINS – a locally produced comic book. The launch, MC’d by Tammara Balenaveikau, featured remarks by femLINKpacific convenors, Fane Boseiwaqa, Losana Derenalagi and Adi Vasulevu, Australia’s High Commissioner to Fiji, Margaret Twomey, and femLINKpacific Executive Producer-Director, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls.

HEROWINS 4: Participation for Preparedness



Women’s Speak Out


During femLINKpacific’s commemoration of International Women’s Day, Hannah Hicks, femLINKpacific Programme Associate: Broadcast, hosted a Women’s Speak Out featuring Mereani Nawadra, Titaku Tabuariki, Shakuntla Permal, Williama Swamy, Nirmala Sharma, Dimakita Lena, Nila Rao, Salome Raqiyawa, Bonita Qio, Mareta Tagivakatini, Inise Dawai, Benjamin Patel, Urmila Kumar, Jai Mati, Sudeshna Singh and Audrey Seru.