30th April

Women's Weather Watch: Unofficial Advice for Solomon Islands and Vanuatu



27th April

A update frm y'day shows d need 4 allocation 4 !



23rd April

Womens Weather Watch: Pacific, something to learn from this Q&A: Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger in the Caribbean



19th April 

Women's Weather Watch: via Vanuatuywc Vywc
Keeping an eye on rain and local flooding since TC Cook is about keeping families dry as well as energy security for cooking in villages.

"Flooding flooding flooding everywhere here in Port Vila! Not sure about other islands but we I think are sinking???hah Heavy rainfalls, firewood too wet for mothers in the villages to cook their family's meals! Port Vila has had a few heavy rainfalls pl rain rain go away already!!!!!"



17th April

Women's Weather Watch: New Caledonia
Vital to ensure protection with dignity and women's leadership in assessments and recovery planning





FemTALK 1325: A reminder from the Global Study on how #1325 applies to humanitarian situations including disasters:

Recommendations included:
i. Consult with local women leaders, including women’s human rights defenders, on concessions agreements negotiated as part of post-conflict reconstruction efforts, and ensure a minimum level of 30 percent women’s representation in all decision-making bodies with regards to the country’s natural resources

ii. Design programmes for economic recovery that target women’s empowerment, challenge rather than entrench gender stereotypes, and are forward-looking on the transformative role women can play in an economy for the future.



12th April

FemTALK: Women Peace and Security and the Humanitarian Agenda - Participation, Preparedness and Protection

press release – 12th April (9/2017)
“Protection with dignity is not just ensuring the absence of violence, a negative peace, but having humanitarian actors not be undignified in their work to provide relief,” highlighted Adi Vasulevu of Transcend Oceania from Fiji at today’s ‘Women, Peace and Security and the Humanitarian Agenda: Participation, Preparedness and Protection' Interactive Dialogue.


11th April

Women's Weather Watch: Vanuatu
A reminder via the Vanuatu Young Women for Change of impact on women's food and economic security:

Yesterday was clean up day for everyone following TC Cook. Schools remained closed on the affected islands including Port Vila. Reports of damage includes severe flooding in Teoma Valley.
We have not been able to go there as yet to confirm stories.
A few women were back selling their produce at the Port Vila market and those who we spoke to are worried about the future supply of island cabbage and banana supply.



10th April

FemTALK: Women, Peace and Security and the Humanitarian Agenda: Participation, Preparedness and Protection

femLINKpacific statement - 10th April (8/2017)
“The women… they are the architects of peace,” said Vanessa Heleta of the Talitha Project in Tonga, underscoring the importance of recognising and engaging women as leaders in humanitarian response. “So, do you want to speak to the ‘head of the house’ or the one who knows what’s going on?”

9th April

Women's Weather Watch: Vanuatu
Photos from Destructions on roads to Teoma via Jason Michel for Vanuatuywc Vywc


Women's Weather Watch: TC Cook not a threat to Fiji:

Tropical Depression (TD20F) intensified into a category 1 Tropical Cyclone and was named “Cook” (TC Cook) at midnight yesterday.


Women's Weather Watch: via Vanuatuywc Vywc
Tropical Cyclone Warning Number 11 for
Malampa, Shefa and Tafea Province


Women's Weather Watch: Vanuatu
Vanuatuywc Vywc TC Cook update is that friends and families have reported that the wind seems to have died down.
Some reported that because TC Cook was a slow moving system there is expected to be more reports of localised damage in addition to fallen trees and damage to homes. Flooding was reported in many parts of Port Vila which will have caused damage to food gardens again.
Many are reliving the fear and trauma associated with TC Pam.


Women's Weather Watch: Time to Shift the Power
Humanitarian planning and response must catalyse localised gender responsive humanitarian action with a specific goal of strengthening Pacific women’s leadership in emergencies, including disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

Humanitarian response must:

-Promote women-led innovation in DRR, DRM and humanitarian response, and greater recognition and awareness of indigenous knowledge.

-Strengthen capacity of diverse women to engage in district, sub national and national disaster coordination mechanisms and their ability to organise and influence decision making.

- Strengthen availability of gender, sex, age evidence and data to influence decision making in response to disasters.

-Amplify diverse women’s voices


Women's Weather Watch: Vanuatu, TC Cook
Via Vanuatuywc Vywc


Women's Weather Watch: Vanuatu via Vanuatuywc Vywc Saturday night:
"This is scary, the wind is so strong, by the sound of things, I think my roof is going to be blown off soon, I am here in the corner of my house with my parents, my kids are scared many trees have fallen, mothers with babies are scared,they are freaking out. Water is coming into the houses. It is dark and I don't know if we will be ok" Ms. Elodie Nimisa (VYWC President)



8th April

Women's Weather Watch: Vanuatu - Cyclone Watch


Women's Weather Watch: Monitoring Vanuatu
Vanuatuywc Vywc shares information released at 2:44pm today - tropical low at G,5. Gale winds, flooding, very rough seas over TORBA, PENAMA, SANMA MALAMPA SHEFA


Women's Weather Watch: Fiji and Vanuatu

Tropical Disturbance (TD20F) intensified into to a Tropical Depression last night and continues to move away from Fiji.


The Shift the Power coalition meeting was held in Suva yesterday bringing together Action Aid Australia, SPC, Pacific Disability Forum as well as femLINKpacific and our network partners from Talitha Project - Tonga, Vois Blong Mere Solomons and Nazarene Centre from Bougainville. We were joined by DIVA for Equality FIJI and Samoa YWCA.


Women's Weather Watch: Vanuatu
via Vanuatuywc Vywc

Tropical Cyclone five-day outlook for Vanuatu Area (10.0S160E 23.0S160E 10.0S175.0E to 23.0S175.0E) issued by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department, Port Vila at 8:35 am Friday, April 07, 2017



7th April

Women's Weather Watch: Fiji update via Met Office

Tropical Depression (TD19F) remains slow moving to the far east of Fiji, however, associated active trough with cloud and rain is drifting towards the country and expected to affect the northern parts of the country from later tomorrow.



6th April

Women's Weather Watch: Fiji


"Participation for Prevention, community media to inform public policy, shifting the power, making the local - global...." were just a few of the threads of conversation around the table as we welcomed our 1325 & womens media network partners and Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict Pacific gender focal points 1325 allies for a preparatory meeting ahead of our 'Women, Peace and Security and the Humanitarian Agenda: Participation, Preparedness and Protection' Regional Consultation scheduled for April 10 - 12



5th April

Women's Weather Watch: Fiji
Be prepared for unsettled weather says the Fiji Met Office

The country is expected to experience unsettled weather this weekend as an active trough of low pressure with associated cloud and rain drifts over Fiji from the north. As we are moving from wet to dry season, huge swings in weather is likely over short period of time.



4th April

A Look at the Oceans Summit via UNNews:

22 March 2017 – Over a year ago, on 20 February 2016, Tropical Cyclone Winston made a category 5 landfall along the north coast of Fiji's largest, most populous island, Viti Levu, killing at least 44 people, and grounding flights to and from the Pacific Island nation.



28th March 

Women's Weather Watch: Australia (Cyclone Debbie)


26th March

Women's Weather Watch: PNG
Papua New Guinea National Weather Service (PNGNSW) has issued a renewal strong wind warning today for all coastal waters of Milne Bay, Morobe and West New Britain.



17th March

It now rains at different times n it's affecting - Lily Be'Soer links n response

Rain n floods then dry spells affect n incr burden of care n agri work of in Fiji!


alert back in western division !



14th March

Women's Weather Watch: New York
Mayor de Blasio has just announced a State of Emergency in NY from midnight and said "stay off the streets..the best thing is to stay in(doors). Gusts up to 40-45 miles per hour expected. Staff deployments announced as part of blizzard briefs.



13th March

FemVids Ultimo - February, 2017

Produced during a heavy downpour and thunderstorm, the episode also recaps some of our Women's Weather Watch findings


Women's Weather Watch: Fiji

Weather Bulletin - Issued from the National Weather Forecasting Centre Nadi at 5:30am on Monday the 13th of March 2017



12th March

Women's Weather Watch: New York for those attending CSW61



9th March

Women's Weather Watch: Fiji




6th March

Women's Weather Watch: Good to know that the flood waters had receeded enough - since these photos yesterday - to enable district advisory councillor Nila Rao from Caulasi to board the 530am bus for Suva to join other leaders from across 13 districts and Suva for our 1st National Consultation for 2017!



5th March

Women's Weather Watch Via Anish Chand


Floods in n we hope this doesnt affect travelling 2 2mrw's national consultation in Suva


What is the improvement 4  


10pm Sunday March 5 via Pritika Goundar



3rd March

Women's Weather Watch via Fiji Met




1st March