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31st August

Women's Weather Watch: Vital to ensure support reaches women on the frontlines of humanitarian response 


20th August

Our Weekend Update: Solidarity message for World Humanitarian Day
Fiji and several Pacific Island Countries have presented outstanding examples of women as first responders using community broadcasting to work together to form the first line of defense for those affected by natural disaster.


18th August

World Humanitarian Day - profiling Women's Weather Watch 

and the rural women leaders at the frontline




10th August

Women's Weather Watch: HEROWINS

Newsdeeply features rural women leaders from femLINKpacific’s network in this piece on the recovery led by women since TC Winston


9th August

FemTALK: Share the story of YOUR Women's Weather Watch Hero'win!
Women are the first to respond in times of crisis. Help share stories of their leadership this #WorldHumanitarianDay August 19
As a member of the Shifting the Power coalition we're amplifying this call from Action Aid Australia:


FemTALK Pacific: WWW – Participating Requires Info

by Stella Waioha and Sian Rolls

“Women in Solomon Islands must be part of decision making and have information about how they can participate, be protected and prepare before, during and after disasters strike,” said Clement Manuri, Deputy General Secretary of The Solomon Islands Red Cross.

During an information sharing session on Women’s Weather Watch and Disaster Risk Management with Solomon Islands Red Cross Officials, led by Vois Blong Mere Solomon (VBMS) and attended by VBMS rural media focal points - from Malaita, Guadalcanal, Renbell, Temotu and Honiara - as well as a representative from an Education Authority and the National Council of Women.

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8th August

FemTALK: Reaffirming Women's Leadership - The First Responders

by Hannah Hicks

“It’s very critical… it’s the network of the women (that) get the message out on a particular issue," said Minister Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, the Minister for International Development and the Pacific in the Australian Government, speaking to femLINKpacific during a recent visit to Fiji.

Fierravanti-Wells who was a guest on FemTALK 89FM Suva, femLINK's 24 hour community radio station, has served as a Senator for New South Wales since 2005 and was sworn in as Minister for International Development and the Pacific in February 2016.

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FemTALK Pacific: Dignity, Resilience, Information – Interlinked

by Lisa Horiwapu

“Protection with dignity is not just ensuring the absence of violence, a negative peace, but having humanitarian actors not be undignified in their work to provide relief,” highlighted Adi Vasulevu of Transcend Oceania from Fiji in April, during a ‘Women, Peace and Security and the Humanitarian Agenda: Participation, Preparedness and Protection' Interactive Dialogue.

Disasters are intensifying in the Pacific and it is one of the reasons why members of the GPPAC Pacific network has been amplifying Environment Security as a regional priority.

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25th July

FemTALK: Prepare Now – Amplify Women As Leaders, First Responders

by Alisia Evans

“Women leaders (can) take a leadership role in educating the women especially those (in local communities) who are most vulnerable and those who are most disadvantaged with getting (weather) information on time,” highlighted Ravind Kumar, Director of the Fiji Meteorological Office during an interview with femLINKpacific in late July.

Listen to the interview here:

Since 2004, femLINKpacific’s Women’s Weather Watch has been addressing this information gap. By providing information through accessible and appropriate information and communication channels we have been supporting and enhancing rural women’s leadership before, during and after natural disasters.

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18th July

Women's Weather Watch: August 19 is World Humanitarian Day


10th July

Who Makes the News: It's all about Environment Security

Women's Weather Watch and the humanitarian impact of nuclear tests


8th July

FemVids Ultimo: May (2017)




7th July

At the femLINKpacific Community Media Centre and FemTALK 89FM

Australian Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Senator Fierravanti-Wells, visited the femLINKpacific community radio station



1st July

Our Weekend Update

Now let's see how we can link up with Women's Weather Watch