During the month of July, femLINKpacific met with Rural Women Leaders to discuss Access to Justice through a series of district level consultations conducted in collaboration with the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement's Access to Justice Programme supported by the European Union.

The following stories were issued from the field throughout the period of convening.


FemTALK: ‘Ask A Lawyer’ Coming to 89FM

by Sian Rolls

“The idea is to link the women to lawyers through community radio and I think that’s a really exciting opportunity because a lot of the questions that are being asked won’t just be relevant to a woman who’s asked that question in Nabouwalu or Savusavu or Tavua and Rakiraki, it will also be relevant to women in communities between the Suva-Nausori corridor and in Labasa town also where FemTALK89FM broadcasts,” explained Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Executive Producer-Director of femLINKpacific.

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Listen to the podcast: https://soundcloud.com/femlinkpacific/femtalk89fm-july-17-about-ask-a-lawyer


femLINKpacific is committed to providing safe spaces for women including through community radio so they are provided information to be able to actively and meaningfully participate across decision making levels. This is to ensure that women are both empowered and are able to question and hold governance structures accountable including in relation to access to justice. The consultation series also builds on femLINKpacific’s Women, Peace and Human Security work in ensuring that there is a greater promotion and application of women’s rights through local governance structures and a strengthened collaboration between women leaders to achieve gender equality and human security.


FemTALK: Accessing Justice Requires Information

by Sian Rolls

“When women are showing their voice in every family - the challenges and difficulties we are going through, we can overcome,” shared Merelesita Matadamudamu, Secretary of the Naqai Women’s Club in Labasa

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FemTALK: Addressing Silence For Justice, Peace

by Sian Rolls

Women leaders are defining Access to Justice through a human security lens and are providing recommendations on the reforms they need to ensure women have access to and knowledge of their legal rights, there is a gender inclusive approach in the manner in which the branches of Fiji's justice institutions respond to the existing barriers including infrastructure and the lack of accessible information.

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FemTALK: Women recommend A2J reforms

by Hannah Hicks

Human security underpins access to justice for rural women leaders who have been participating in femLINKpacific’s consultations across the Northern Division this week.

Meetings have been convened in Labasa, Bua and today in Savusavu in collaboration with the Fiji Women's Rights Movement Access to Justice programme supported by the European Union.

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FemTALK: A2J Requires Awareness

by Sian Rolls

“Women need to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for whatever they’re facing,” explained Unaisi Bakewa, Vice President of the Tavua Disabled Organisation. “We need to educate women so that they are aware of what services are available and how to access them.”

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FemTALK: A2J Means Addressing Tabus

by Sian Rolls

“It’s surprising to see our young people don’t know their rights,” highlighted Vani Tuvuki, Leader of the Koronubu Women’s Fellowship and Koronubu Methodist Women’s Group. “We think that it is our age group – the older women and our mothers and grandmothers – but our young women don’t know where to go, what to do, what their rights are. They don’t have enough information to keep them safe even in their homes.”

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FemTALK: Participation, Voice and Support – Key for A2J

by Sian Rolls

“We still find that marginalised women are taking their pain into themselves and hurting themselves,” shared Bonita Qio, Executive Coordinator of the Pacific Rainbows Advocacy Network. “Whether they know their rights or responsibilities, they think that if they tell their story they will be victimised more.”

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FemTALK: Engage Communities, Ensure A2J

by Hannah Hicks

“Legal service providers should conduct workshops in the rural communities and also provide legal resources to educate the community,” recommended Sheleni Lata, Secretary of the Sheetal Shardha Mahila Mandal.

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