Weather Watch is a model for monitoring approaching storms and disaster management in their communities, providing real-time information with a local touch and a constant campaign of FemLINKPACIFIC's – constantly shining light on the continually overlooked area of the involvement and consultation of women before, during and after natural disasters.

Started in 2009, following Cyclone Mick that hit Fiji, it was noted that women were not being included in the planning and coordination of relief efforts following the damaging winds, rain and flooding. However, women were selfless nevertheless; they are often the last to leave the home following everyone else after they have prepared the house and taken what they may need or what they have on the way to evacuation centres.

Part of the Women's Weather Watch is the engagement of our community media network, acting as go-betweens between the communities on the ground and those who need to hear the reality the communities experience. 

Additionally, FemLINKPACIFIC continues to campaign for the inclusion of women in all aspects of disaster preparation, management and rehabilitation which requires equal participation of women.

Humanitarian assistance must also be organised in line with UNSCR1325 to ensure environment security at all times


The Women’s Weather Watch campaign also demonstrates the vital role that community media, in particular community radio plays to ensure information on weather patterns and forecasts are reaching communities away from main centres and because the women are often responsible for the management of their families, evacuation strategies must be gender inclusive, particularly to ensure the safety and protection of women, children, persons with disabilities and the elderly.